Campaign Conclusion & Brain Dump

..and more reasons (not) to pay for Notion

After almost 4 years of running D&D almost every week, my big campaign concluded recently. This week marked our retrospective, and the release of several relics of the campaign. One in particular was the campaign repo - previously described as my foaming campaign brain. This is a brief post about the setup, and discovered pros/cons associated with it.

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Antimagic and Force Cubes

A lesson from weakly typed magic items

In 2018, we introduced the explosive Cube of Force into our home campaign. We really did not expect it to cause us/me that much grief at the time, but despite long canonicalisation meetings, our interpretation was not even internally consistent.

At the time we dealt with this by nerfing Cube down into the ground gradually rolling out alternatives, but it’s time we dug into the concept of D&D antimagic properly.

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Foaming Campaign Brain

Exploring second brain alternatives for campaign tracking

After 2 years of running a D&D campaign almost every week, my note taking setup reached several breaking points. If you’re using OneNote or another online managed system for tracking notes/cities/npcs/pcs/events, but know how to use programmers tools like git and code; boy are there a world of advantages available to you.

This is a story of my original note talking setup, a comparison between newer technologies, and how I am back to writing markdown in a folder.

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