Hello. My name is Eirik and this site is an attempt to collect my thoughts, and to provide the occasional guide to software.

Posts herein are my own opinions. Words like we or us is often used in the mathematical sense in posts, and does not imply consensus.


For a living, I help automate software operations of modern businesses. Generally, this means integrating existing cloud technologies on Kubernetetes, but occasionally some new tool gets written. Language-wise, the last six years have featured a lot of Rust due to its safety guarantees and great ecosystem, but also like to dabble.

My github and sponsors dashboard has a bigger overview, but some of my longer-term projects:

These days, kube takes the biggest portion of my open source time, as it has grown from a personal yak to a quite popular part of the rust ecosystem. I used to blog about kube, but now I slowly write guides at kube.rs and mostly do issue management and release automation for these repos instead.

Past colleagues might remember me from these semi-open work projects:

At any rate, software posts here are all over the place. My setup is documented in my dotfiles and provisioning.


In less busy times, I spent years of my life DMing D&D campaigns. The longest one concluded in pandemic times, and was a large part of my sanity in that period. Am currently absolved from further dubious plot juggling and a campaign related todos, but probably will resuming roleplaying shenanigans at some point


There exists a dusty, but laminated piece of paper with Master of Mathematics on it. While no one has ever asked to look at it, it keeps being featured on my resume.

This esoteric + deteriorating knowledge is mostly used to over-excitedly tell people about group theory, and the importance of good abstractions, but I also solve basic arithmetic at work. All in all; a solid use of 4 years.


As a kid, I played violin for a decade. Have got a couple of things to show for this; near perfect recollection of the solo-violinists repertoire, a weird desire to follow violin competitions, and a history of being a good target for bullying.

Nowadays, my 2017 p-series is my weapon of choice, and is helping me recover from violin trauma. It also continues my habit of committing useless chunks of finger movement to muscle memory, but comes with the side-effect of making me watch piano competitions.

If you are considering buying a violin for yourself/someone. Buy an otamatone first to see if you think you can handle listening to someone wrangling with a fretless, non-linear interface for years. The instrument UX is terrible. You deserve better.


I prefer to join cooperative multiplayer steam games whenever the stars align timing-wise.

However, in times of procrastination (as is more usually the case), well-designed game mechanics that require some type of dexterity based mastery, or hit a very specific nerd-sniping target, have frequently drawn me in. Here are some time sinks from the ages:



No death runs