Campaign Conclusion & Brain Dump

..and more reasons (not) to pay for Notion

After almost 4 years of running D&D almost every week, my big campaign concluded recently. This week marked our retrospective, and the release of several relics of the campaign. One in particular was the campaign repo - previously described as my foaming campaign brain. This is a brief post about the setup, and discovered pros/cons associated with it.

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Foaming Campaign Brain

Exploring second brain alternatives for campaign tracking

After 2 years of running a D&D campaign almost every week, my note taking setup reached several breaking points. If you’re using OneNote or another online managed system for tracking notes/cities/npcs/pcs/events, but know how to use programmers tools like git and code; boy are there a world of advantages available to you.

This is a story of my original note talking setup, a comparison between newer technologies, and how I am back to writing markdown in a folder.

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